• 19-12-2018

OCEAN solid fender Series

There is a specific OCEAN fenders series that makes the brand unique, that distinguishes it from everyone else.
It is the fender series where all started from, in Bologna Italy, by Vanes Bortolloti who started OCEAN because he was one of us. He was a sailor who needed the best, tailored, to his own needs.

This fender series is the OCEAN Solid fender range. Since 1985 OCEAN was the first in the world to design and produce such a line of fenders. These unique and superior quality products are what sets OCEAN to be a step above the rest. Being the only brand that can provide you with these exclusive Italian design and patterned boat fenders, that are made from flexible integral skin foam technology, which is only used by OCEAN for the production of fenders! They have the best shock absorption and life performance than any fender in the market, being the only one THAT CANNOT DEFLATE.

We have had owners of our fenders for more than 15 years using the same product, which stays intact even after such a long time frame. With the OCEAN solid fender series we really mean it when we say that those boat fenders last for a lifetime.

The range includes boat fenders for all different applications, for bow (PVM1&Blade) and stern protection (Match 60&Match 80) as well as for regular cylindrical type fenders, which are our Type A clip on fenders, available in 4 different sizes. There is absolutely no way, not to find a fender in our range that suits your needs and solves your problem.

To conclude, the fender that sets you above everyone else in the marina is a class by its own. Our Solovela solid fender, as its Italian origin name suggest, it is designed exclusively for sailboats. It refers to the sailboats that wish to be looked upon for their superior taste when it comes to fending.

After being more than 30 years in the boat fending market, continuously introducing new products according to the needs of our trusting partners, we are now proud to claim the top spot for the world’s biggest manufacturing plant for all kinds of both inflatable boat fenders and solid marine boat fenders.

Being regarded as the most innovative brand in the marine fenders' market, we shall continue to manufacture... THE BEST YACHT FENDERS in the world.