• 06-02-2019

OCEAN U-series of boat fenders

People have associated the OCEAN brand with the high quality, high-end fenders, not easily accessible to everyone. We are obviously referring to the Solid fender series, that is a class of its own.

In the latest years and after the acquisition by the Lalizas group in 2012, OCEAN tried to be more approachable to all boaters, by introducing new product lines, one of them and the greatest hit so far, the U-series.

The new Utility boat fender series introduced by OCEAN is the point when simplicity and elegance become one, with the high gloss finish giving you the ultimate touch of style.

Its simple, yet classy, design allows it to blend with the different boat fenders that you might already have installed in your yacht.

The “U-series” of boat fenders, can be used by anything that floats up to 50ft. It is the most convenient solution for all small to medium sized motorboats and sailboats that wish to keep their property protected without having to dig deep into their pockets.

You can choose between white, royal blue or black color and through a variety of seven different sizes, from U0 up to U6.
In addition, the “U series” of yacht fenders are made in one-piece, resulting in consistent wall thickness thought the fender. 

As all of the Ocean fenders, it is made out of Plastisol PVC material, with rotation molding procedure making it the highest quality utility fender in the market.

The simple valve of the boat fender offers convenient inflation and maximum protection at the same time.

Of course the Utility series is being manufactured by using the same raw materials as the Heavy duty Ocean fender series, thus keeping the same high quality.
The new U series by Ocean fenders, manages to offer competitiveness without sacrificing our quality!

The U series is being sold worldwide through the continuously increasing network of the OCEAN fenders distributors and dealers. Our network begins from our production facility in Europe, which is the largest for the production of boat fending equipment in the world, all the way to Australia, Asia, Africa, North and South America, literally everywhere in the world that there is someone in need of a boat fender, OCEAN is there to fill this need with the Utility series fender.

A boat fender for every use, and everyone.