The OCEAN Bow Fenders as the name suggests, have been designed in order to protect the bow of your boat. This new boat fender series by OCEAN is the best solution in terms of price and convenience.

Our OCEAN bow Fenders are produced in two different sizes in order to fit all different boats, as well as in blue and white color with UV resistant material in order to avoid fading under the sun.

They have 3 eyes for easy and safe installation, and for making sure that they will stay in place. The simple valve of this boat fender offers convenient inflation and maximum protection at the same time.


Code Colour Dimensions A(cm) Dimensions B (cm) Dimensions C (cm) Dimensions D (cm)
72908 Blue 36 28 26 34
72909 White 36 28 26 34
72910 Blue 52 44 39 49
72911 White 52 44 39 49
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