The “Magnus” inflatable fenders for mega yachts are made of reinforced PVC material to ensure the safety of your precious property. Τhose heavy duty yacht fenders are welded together, and not glued, in order to offer you the most secure, safe, and convenient mooring a fender can offer. There are options with 1 or 3 D-rings attached on each side of the bumper, as well as wrap around straps for better durability and strength. They are light in regard to their size, simple to use and when deflated can be stowed in small lockers to save you much needed space on board. They can be quickly inflated by using any standard or electric pump and easily mounted. The “Magnus” inflatable fenders are available in various sizes for yachts up to 80 meters, and in black colour.

  • Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Material: PVC Body 
  • D-ring
  • Wrap around tape 
  • Recommended inflation pressure: 2,4psi

 Magnus' Information

Suitable for

Code Ø (Diam.) Length D-Ring on Top D-Ring on Bottom Fender Cover Code
72159 42 132 1 1 72626
72160 65 160 1 1 72627
72161 97 191 3 3 72628
72162 110 135 3 3 72629
72163 90 210 3 3 72630
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