The “RT Series” rope through fenders, distinct for their multiple use since they are designed for horizontal and vertical application for any yacht.
The "RT Series" by Ocean is the point where performance and strength become one, with the reinforced vertical ribs giving you the extra protection you need. 
In addition, the “RT Series” of fenders are made in one-piece, resulting in consistent wall thickness thought the fender. 

As all of the Ocean fenders, it is made out of Plastisol PVC material, with rotation moulding procedure.

The simple valve of the fender offers convenient inflation and maximum protection at the same time.


  • Seamless construction
Inflation Pressure:
2.1 lbs / 0.15 bar at 68°F / 20°C
Plastisol PVC
Production Process:
Single procedure rotational moulding
Code Colour Dimensions AxB (mm) Hole Diameter Volume per product (lt) Weight (kg) Boat Size (ft/m) Fender Cover Code
72107 White 160 x 395 16 7.7 1,2 15-25/5-8 49932
72108 White 215 x 520 16 18.3 2 25-35/8-11 49351
72109 White 265 x 685 16 36.6 3 35-50/11-15 49354
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