CH Series of Centre Hole Fenders distinguishes for its multiple use since these fenders are designed for horizontal and vertical application to any small to medium sized boat.

The CH Series, introduced by OCEAN, is the point when simplicity and elegance become one, with the high gloss finish giving you the ultimate touch of style.

In addition, these fenders are one-piece made (no parts are attached together to form the finalised fender), resulting in consistent wall thickness. As all OCEAN fenders, these are made of Plastisol PVC material, through
rotational moulding process.

The simple valve of the fender offers convenient inflation and maximum protection at the same time.

CH Boat Fenders are accompanied with white rope in order to make your life easier!


  • Unique glossy finish
  • Simple and functional design
  • Provides both horizontal & vertical protection
  • Comes with rope

The best Center Hole Fender for both horizontal & vertical use

Material : Plastisol PVC
Production process: Single rotational moulding process

Suitable for



* Hole diameter: 16mm

Code Color Model Dimensions AxB (mm) Fender Cover Code Hole Diameter Rope Diameter Volume per product (lt) Weight (kg) Boat Size (ft/m)
CH0 100 x 300 - 16 1000 2,9 0,5 0-15/0-5
CH1 150 x 430 49932 16 1200 9 1 15-35/5-11
CH2 200 x 550 49351 16 1400 23,4 2 15-35/5-11
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