How to choose the correct Fender for your Boat

For every boat owner it is important to chose the correct boat Fenders according to the boat type and its length. Choosing the correct size and number of fenders for the boat is essential in order to prevent potential damage caused by hitting another boat while docking or to the dock of the marina.

To help you choosing the correct boat fenders for your boat, we have designed the following charts to make your decision easier:

Fenders Selection Charts

Fendering & docking tips

When docking you want to be efficient but at the same time feel safe that your boat is getting the most protection our superior quality Ocean fenders can offer. Here are some tips that you should take into account:

-Make sure you tie your fenders to something solid, like a stanchion base and not at lifelines that are not designed to handle the pressure of rough conditions.

-Try hanging the fenders close enough to the water surface so the movement of the boat against the dock cannot push them up.

-The lower you tie your fenders the more chances you have of preventing them from winding up on top of the dock.

-When docking you should be using one fender or buoy every 5-6ft of your boat for maximum protection. For larger yachts, buoys are suggested.

-Do not underestimate the use of the fenders for the protection of your boat, no matter the type or size.


Every boat requires OCEAN for its protection, and OCEAN has all different kinds of fenders to do so!